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The Current Atelier

This new layout of the gallery is part of an ambitious project (Sponsorship program) of Alliance française for upgrading and developing it’s existing facilities.

Why a new gallery in Karachi ?

  • To open a new space dedicated to creation and dialogue in Karachi
  • To increase international exchange
  • To support young artists in the city

At the moment, this gallery is devoted to 3 different purposes : The exhibitions of artists invited by AfK; some private exhibitions (which bring funds to AfK); and finally, the gallery is also used by AfK for documentary presentations, lectures, performances and to celebrate the achievements of workshops and trips organized by AfK.

This interesting and fast-paced turnover of very different events needs proper premises to create a truly well-recognized place that will be acknowledged by all as the AfK Gallery.

Five spaces for creation & exhibition

In this proposed renovation project, the addition of partitions and a mezzanine floor will turn the current one-room gallery into an area with five different spaces. By so doing, several cultural events can be carried out at the same time. AFK can work with artists on how to emphasize the common features and common views of each space, help the artists confront their vision, share their experience and give their audience the opportunity to take part in the entire creative process.

  • Spaces for exhibition

The new layout in the gallery will definitely increase exhibition facilities and options, and will allow AfK to offer a more comprehensive program and showcase more valuable achievements. AfK will also be able to design adequate exhibition scenography and make adequate choices in the showing, the setting and the walking path around the exhibits.

The gallery’s new layout offers a myriad of prospects and options. There is no doubt that such an artistic centre, design to focus on sense, sensibility and relevance, will appeal to artists that are keen on presenting innovative projects in such an exciting space.

More prospects, more options with the gallery new layout.

Alongside its new policy to promote the most innovative creative endeavors in the new gallery, and in order to assert its uniqueness, AfK intends to create art studios for two artists to support and promote young artists who will be given the opportunity to carry out their projects in situ. This will add to the value of the space if the art is actually made and exhibited at the AfK gallery.

  • Hang (Sth) Up Studio

Moreover, to start working on professional standards, AfK will also have to be ready to meet specific needs for its guests’ more ambitious projects. This necessitates a small technical workshop to be set up inside the Alliance premises where all artists, presenting or displaying, will be catered to with exceptional skill and attention thanks to the availability of adequate materials and tools — and where nails twisted in S shape and fishing thread will be banned!

  • Digital Set Studio

Finally, communicating about the gallery, and extending and promoting its activities will be achieved by means of web tools such as video conferences, interactive partnerships with art schools, interactive debating with artists or critics, live interviews, and web TV. This will require a digital set studio where these activities can take place with convenience for the artists and AfK gallery management.

For all further information regarding The Current Atelier project, please contact:

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