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November 2009

2 November - exhibition - SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, WHY?
The Earth, our planet, is sick…and it is our fault. The inhabitants of the rich countries like France consume and waste a tremendous amount of (...)
4 & 5 November - theatre - A FEAST IN EXILE
Vasl, in collaboration with Alliance Française de Karachi, presents a tableau with two Pakistani artists, Faisal Anwar and Tazeen Qayyum, who are (...)
6 November - ciné club - WELCOME TO THE LAND OF CH’TIS
Comedy directed by Dany Boon (2008). Philippe Abrams has been the director of the post office of Salon-de-Provence, in the Bouches-du-Rhônes for (...)
13 November - ciné club - NINOTCHKA
Comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch (1939). Three Russians, Iranoff, Buljanoff and Kopalski, are in Paris to sell jewelry confiscated from the (...)
20 November - ciné club - MONDOVINO
Documentary directed by Jonathan Nossiter (2003). In vino veritas. From the Brazilian jungle to the Brooklyn streets, from the Pyrenees (...)