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Tuesday 4 April 
Ciné-Club 4, 11, 18 and 25 April
French Movies with English Subtitles


4, 11, 18 and 25 April
with the support of IFCinéma, Institut Français

Tuesday 4 April - 6:30 pm
IRRÉPROCHABLE by Sébastien Marnier

2015, 1h43min, Drama, English subtitles
Having been fired from her old job as a real estate agent, 40 years old Constance faces severe pecuniary issues : she cannot rent a flat anymore and she doesn’t find another job in Paris. With no other option left, she decides to call her former boss, from the small agency in La Rochelle where she started her career : to her surprise, he tells her that he is actually hiring, as the housing market appears to be growing in the area. He explains that he already found someone, but she is convinced she will get the job because of her experience and extensive qualifications. She does not : it is indeed Audrey, a younger and prettier woman, which is hired instead. This is too much for Constance to take...
Tuesday 11 April - 6:30 pm
AMITIÉS SINCÈRES by Stephan Archinard & François Prévôt-Leygonie

2011, 1h44min, Comedy, English subtitles
Walter loves to make big gestures and speak louder, a little. He loves Paul and Jacques, his friends of a life, passionately. He especially loves Clémence, his 20-year-old daughter, to madness. But he does not like lying, but then not at all. So, how will Walter, the strong in mouth, react when he finds out that those he loves so lyingly lie to him?
Tuesday 18 April - 6:30 pm
JE NE SUIS PAS UN SALAUD (A decent man) by Emmanuel Finkiel

2015, 1h51min, Drama, English subtitles
Having just been injured in a mugging, Eddy earned the sympathy and attention of his estranged family and gotten back on his feet. The same cannot be said for Ahmed whose life starts falling apart after he’s wrongly accused of the crime. When the case against Ahmed starts to unravel, Eddy has to go back on the defensive.
Tuesday 25 April - 6:30 pm
LA FILLE DU PATRON (the Boss’s Daughter) by Olivier Loustau

2015, 1h38min, Drama, English subtitles
Vital is a 40-years old workshop foreman in a textile factory. He falls in love with the daughter of his boss when she chooses him for an ergonomic study, but their relationship attracts the rage and disapproval of everyone.