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Wednesday 15 February 
Alliance française - 6:30 pm
Drawing Exhibition


Opening Wednesday 15th February - 6:30 pm
Exhibition open till 22nd February - 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Rauf Mughal was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1966 where he lives and works. He trained as a Designer at Punjab University. Mughal is one among few Pakistani artists who works in pen & ink. Mughal had displayed his work in many solo and group shows in Pakistan and abroad.

After his bachelors in 1991 he enrolled for master’s degree and he also started expressing himself in water color and oil paints. his early visual references came from outskirts of Punjab depicting traditional life and surroundings. soon after his master’s degree Mughal started working in commercial market as graphic designer and his personal interest shifted towards pen & ink. The medium caught his attention and made him so convinced that he couldn’t leave that medium till the date.

In 1997 he ended his career as graphic designer and started travelling different countries including Italy, India, Nepal, Maldives, UAE and finally settled himself in Sri-Lanka for few years where he worked as an artist and did many solo shows. Last exhibition he did in Sri-Lanka was two men show along with his son in 2012. Mughal have also taught in different institutes and freelance in Sri-Lanka and Pakistan.

Mughal has three kids, two elder kids received their bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Beacon House National university and his younger son is enrolled for F.A Fine arts in Government College University.

Mughal’s current subject matter is historical monuments in south Asia. he is been expressing this subject through his powerful lines from one and a half decade. His drawings are so skilled that viewer starts enjoying his lines rather than than the subject matter. he has been exploring his medium so well that a viewer can actually see a sense of joy in his pen & ink drawings. he spends most of his time practicing his skill.