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Friday 7 July 
Alliance française - 6:30 pm
Photography Exhibition

by Oriane Zerah

Opening: Friday 7th July - 6:30 pm - Library of AfK

Exhibition till Friday 14th july - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

"Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away one year ago. I’m not sure what might be the definition of a hero, but I can say that in my eyes he was a hero. Humanist, philanthropist, and a man with a big enough heart to take care of all those who are in need without distinction of religion, race or culture.

“NO RELIGION IS HIGHER THAN HUMANITY” was the key tenet of Edhi, and those working with him. They all repeat this phrase to me when I was visiting the different centers of the foundation.

In a country that is defined by its religious identity, in which the fundamentalists are trying to impose their vision, Edhi never gave up. His dream was to make Pakistan a model of social revolution.

I felt impressed when I met him. Impressed, humble, and respectful.

I just told him that if there were more people like him in the world, this planet would be a better place to live. Unfortunately, in july 2016 the world has lost one of its precious one … May his spirit remain!"

Oriane Zerah

Oriane Zerah is a French traveller, photographer, and writer. She has worked extensively and lived in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.
Presently, she is based in Karachi.
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