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Friday 25 August 
Alliance française - 6:00 pm

French-Russian Evening
Screening of TEHERAN 43
Movie by Aleksandr Alov and Vladimir Naumov (1981)
with Alain Delon & Claude Jade,
Natalya Belokhvostikova & Curd Jürgens

Friday 25th August - 6:00 pm
Movie in two parts - Tea break at mid-time

Teheran 43 is a 1981 USSR-France-Switzerland drama film made by Mosfilm, Mediterraneo Cine and Pro Dis Film, directed by Aleksandr Alov and Vladimir Naumov. It is based on events around Operation Long Jump, the 1943 attempt by Nazi Germany to assassinate Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Tehran Conference. However many historians believe that this plan never existed....

Teheran 43 starts in 1980 in Paris. The memories of hero Andrei take the story back to 1943. The Germans planned to assassinate the three men. 37 years later, the German agent Max lives with Françoise, a young Parisian woman, who hides him. But another Nazi, Scherner, is hunting down Max who failed to carry out the planned assassinations. Max trusts Françoise, but he doesn’t know that she works for Scherner. Another plot in the movie is the romance between Andrei and the French woman Marie in 1943, followed in 1980.

The Evening

6:00 pm
Guests Arrival

6:15 pm
Welcome Address by Director of Alliance française Karachi JF Chénin

6:20 pm
Address by Senior Consul, Head of Mission of the Russian Federation to Karachi A.V.Fedorov

  • What is the story behind the movie?
  • Operation Long Jump
  • The role of Soviet intelligence officer Hero of the Soviet Union Gevork Vartanian
  • Presentation of the movie

6:30 pm
Screening TEHERAN 43

  • First part : 1h13mn
  • Second part : 1h10mn
  • Tea break in the mid-term