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Thursday 14 September 
Alliance française - 6:30 pm
Painting Exhibition

Solo exhibition by



Opening reception: Thursday 14th September – 6:30 pm
Followed by refreshments

Exhibition till 21st September 2017
(09:00 am – 07:00 pm - Sunday Closed)

Untitled 5 - 6 x 54 cm (3ft x 4.6ft)
Oils, Charcoal, and Coffee Stain on Canvas

The Artist

Amber is a self-taught painter based in Karachi. She picked up painting when she took AS level Art at Lahore Grammar School. She left for her undergraduate degree in Development Studies from UC Berkeley, USA but continued to paint intermittently.

She resumed it full time after moving to Karachi in 2015 and since then has displayed her work at MyArtworld, Islamabad and to collectors. This series of paintings is experimental as Amber explores and discovers her artistic voice.

Untitled 5 - 6 x 54 cm (3ft x 4.6ft)
Oils, Charcoal, and Coffee Stain on Canvas

Exhibition: The Crisis of Woman

Download the E-catalogue The Crisis of Woman

PDF - 966.6 kb

We were born at the end of the 20th century. When we were in kindergarten, our countrymen were learning to handle newfound democracy. When we were adolescents, 9/11 happened. Then came Facebook, Twitter, Iphone and all that jazz. Born and raised in such a world, how are we faring?

We are failing at being an adult. Approaching our 30s, we are far from being what our parents were. We get excited by fleeting ambitions only to suffer from passion burnout. We get a high from likes on Instagram, only to despair at the lack of a higher purpose in our lives. We despise society’s pressure to conform. We are not ready to get married and if we are, then we’re not ready to have children. There are questions in our mind that need to be sorted before we take any further responsibility. We are talented and we know it. It weighs heavy on our shoulders to see our talents go to waste.

My work is the examination of this internal strife and what lies behind it. There is no definite answer or dominating sentiment in this work. It portrays women in their candid settings, an environment that is constructed out of domestic objects and their elusive emotions; anxiety, hope and despair.