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Center of Social Sciences Karachi

  • Created in 2011, the Centre of Social Sciences Karachi (CSSK) provides a forum for scholars working on Pakistan and South Asia in the context of Social Sciences. Although Pakistan and South Asia at large deserve more and more attention among the scholars, the fields of interest are usually linked to politics and geopolitics.

    The CSSK seeks to promote research on those areas which have, to date, received relatively little attention from scholars. The CSSK’s programs will thus be informed by the full range and diversity of societies and cultures in Pakistan and South Asia.

    The CSSK promotes studies on Pakistan and South Asia in bringing together scholars and advanced students from Pakistan, France and other countries, mainly in the fields of history,anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. An emphasis isgiven for updating the new approaches in Social Science as for example Post-colonial studies as well as Subaltern Studies.

    The CSSK also wishes to encourage the interdisciplinary approaches for addressing the complexity of societies and cultures of Pakistan and South Asia.

    The CSSK aims at bridging studies on Cultures and Arts with Social Sciences in updating recent progress achieved in Social Sciences in relation with the diversity of the societies and cultures of Pakistan.

    The CSSK also wishes to pursue a long tradition of historical and cultural studies by giving them a new dimension in building an international research network, and in using new approaches made available in contemporary social sciences.


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