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March 2009

4 March - exhibition - MARC RAMBEAU
Marc Rambeau is a great traveller who feels the need to live and experience other cultures so that he can better understand himself, other people (...)
7 March - concert - SOUNDS OF PAKISTAN
Alliance Française in collaboration with Converge Technologies proudly presents an evening full of music and fun. Visit us to witness the (...)
13 March - ciné club - WORK HARD PLAY HARD
Philippe, 25, arrives from the provinces in Paris to take up a job in a large consulting firm. On the morning of his first day at work he meets (...)
13 March - French speaking-world week - MISSION IN HELL (documentary)
Between 1942 and 1943, 250 Swiss medical staff volunteered to help out on the Eastern Front, in the belief that they were acting on behalf of the (...)
16 March - French speaking-world week - STUDENTS’ EXHIBITION
Students will present the works (photographs and paintings…) they specially created for the week of French speaking world at Alliance Française (...)
17 March - French speaking-world week - WAR PHOTOGRAPHER (documentary)
“Every minute I was there, I wanted to flee. I did not want to see this. Would I cut and run, or would I deal with the responsibility of being (...)
18 March - French speaking-world week - THE INDIANS OF ALFRED MÉTRAUX
Around 1930, Alfred Métraux set out through the South American continent looking for the indigenous people threatened by extinction: the Mataco, (...)
19 March - French speaking-world week - CORN IN PARLIAMENT (documentary)
“Mais im Bundeshuus-le génie helvétique” (“Corn in Parliament”) is a vertiginous journey down the corridors of the Federal Parliament building in Bern. (...)
20 March - French speaking-world week - IN THE STEPS OF THE BLACK PHARAOHS (documentary)
Swiss archaeologist Charles Bonnet and his team have been excavating in northern Sudan since 1965. Their work has brought to light the (...)
20 March - exhibition - ART FOR HEALTH
Dowites78 Operation Theatre Welfare Society, DOTS at Civil Hospital Karachi has built and manages an operation theatre complex. In order to (...)

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